There isn’t anything you can’t find in Las Vegas. For example, if you are looking for a flying saucer overlooking the Strip, we got that. If you’re looking for the world’s tallest Ferris wheel, we got that. And if you’re craving a genuine Hofbräu original lager in a liter stein or gigantic freshly baked pretzels delivered to your table by a smiling server in an authentic German dress, we definitely got that. And if you’re really feeling frisky, you can order up a SPANKING and a shot of Jäger ala carte by Las Vegas’ own Spanktress!

“Ja! Hofbräuhaus ist hier for a variety of German-style cravings.”

The food! The bier! The music! The revelry! It’s as authentic as German gets in Las Vegas, with its century-old traditions carried over from Munich. With stein-wielding diners prosting to the sounds of Bavarian beats, it’s a party guaranteed to happen every night! Might you be looking for a Biergarten to transports you to an outside courtyard somewhere in Deutschland? The Hofbräuhaus has that too, and it’s air conditioned.

Imagine this, you are sitting at your table, delighting in the subtle qualities of a Schnitzel, quenched by a perfect Hefeweizen. You would swear that each flavor character is having a dialog with every cell of your body. It’s transcending. You close your eyes to enjoy each savory bite. Suddenly, you’re riveted by a resounding WHACK from across the room, followed by an outburst of cheering!

You notice walking casually between the tables in the hall the famous Bavarian beauty in black, who with a smile and a paddle, is ready to deliver a lifetime experience to any ever-so-willing guest. You may have seen this Paddle Princess, walking by your table greeting guests as if they are old friends. Many times they are, because something about this place makes you want to come back for more!

Judy Jaffee was kind enough to put one of her favorite Spankfest paddles aside, as she joined us at our table in the Biergarten.


BK: Share a little about what makes Las Vegas Hofbräuhaus so special!

Judy: It’s a fun place! We seat you at a table, and sometimes other people end up sitting next to you. After a few beers, music, great food, and witnessing a few spankings, everyone soon becomes friendly, having experienced such a great evening. Even if you don’t get a shot from me, I still like to go around and talk to people.

BK: The spanking thing, is it based on a German tradition?

Judy: We have a lot of German guests, but it isn’t a German tradition. In Germany, they have other establishments that do spankings; it’s legal there. If you’re curious how this whole tradition of spankings started, it was instigated by a bachelor party here at the Hofbräuhaus. A group of young men wanted a round of shots. We have a paddle-like tray which holds six shot glasses and a bottle. Naturally, by definition, a bachelor party is a boisterous group. When seeing the shots delivered on a paddle, one of the young men challenged, “What are you going to do with that? You gonna’ spank me with that paddle?”

Since then, it has become a tradition.

People come looking for it. A lot of visitors return to the Hofbräuhaus to show me photos of them years ago leaning over the table, assuming the position for a good swat. The reason I love this job is that people come in as strangers, and after a Hofbräu experience, they leave as friends. I have been in Las Vegas for 14 years, nearly since the Hofbräuhaus opened fifteen years ago, so I have a lot of friends all over the world.

BK:  So, do people come here to Vegas and seek you out for a “public spanking?”

Judy: They are love taps, really. They don’t hurt at all; well, at least I don’t feel it. (she laughed and continued) Lots of people say it doesn’t hurt, mostly men. Or, they don’t want anyone to know how much it hurts. I always have a short conversation with the new spankee. We set the guidelines, they buy a shot, and then I get to spank them. I love my job. To think this memorable tradition began here!

BK: There is a certain level of dropping your guard when you let someone spank you. You become vulnerable for a few anticipating moments.

Judy: It’s all supposed to be for fun, and just as a side note, you have to be 21!

BK: I’ve watched a few women get spanked. You’re not as hard on them.

Judy: Some of the women want it just the same as the men. Of course, I never try to hurt anyone.

BK: You’re from Germany, and so how did the Hofbräuhaus find you?

Judy: My whole family is German, and I speak fluently. I lived all over Germany and spent most of my life there. Since I moved here, Hofbräuhaus is my new family, and I’m home here. I have had nearly every job at this restaurant, and now, I serve shots and a swat. I’m also events manager and take care of special services working with the concierge at many of the hotel properties in town. Hofbräuhaus participates in many of the beer fests in the city as well, and I’m usually at them.

We were joined in the Biergarten by the office manager, Jessica Maass, and chef, Raphael Rabensteiner, both of which also spoke with a delightful German accent. We began to talk more about the beer and the food.

It goes without saying that the Hofbräu beer has a stellar reputation worldwide, and we were informed that’s what makes Las Vegas Hofbräuhaus even more special.

The beer is delivered in kegs from Germany every week!

Hofbräu beer is brewed according to the original recipe handed down for over 400 years by Wilhelm V the Duke of Bavaria. There are no water quality substitutes nor replacements for the premium ingredients that go into the Hofbräu beer; therefore, it’s imperative to get an authentic experience. The owners of the Las Vegas Hofbräuhaus felt very strongly that the beer must be imported directly from the brewery in Munich. So, it is!

Three brews are regularly on tap: Hofbräu Original lager, Hofbräu Dunkel, and Hofbräu Hefeweizen. Throughout the year, Hofbräuhaus Las Vegas features special beers: the Hofbräu Oktoberfestbeir, Maibock, and a summer brew. The kegs reside at the perfect temperature in the beer cellar, which comfortably holds enough beer for 10,000 34-ounce steins.

The food menu is authentic as well. The schnitzel and potato salad are recipes passed down for generations. The sausages and wursts are made by a German company, which imports spices from the motherland. The pretzels, pickles, strudel, and sauerkraut are also imported. Everything else that isn’t brought in from Germany is made fresh from scratch every day, from the red cabbage to the pasta.

There is no doubt that the guests who come to the Hofbräuhaus are beer lovers, and are crazy about the beer cheese because the kitchen makes a lot of it! Special offers on the menu include sausages marinated with onions and beer, and the very popular beer goulash.

German beers don’t sway from the recipe and remain very traditional. In fact, it is expected to stay true to the traditional methods. Think of the local brewery as your home team. The chef shared with us that he had a jacket with the patch of the brewery from the town he grew up in. Each town in Germany has its own brewery, and is as loyalty-based between the various cities about their beer, as we are here with our sports teams.

So it was really out of character when Chef shared with us something that he said he would have laughed at five years ago. He admitted to experimenting using beer in more recipes. The gravy already is made with beer, he said, but recently he started playing with Maibock reductions for creating beer-infused desserts, Bavarian cream, and bread pudding.

It’s okay to infuse beer into foods and desserts, but, as a purist German beer enthusiast, don’t be messin’ with the beer in the glass!

You can’t make it to Munich for Oktoberfest? No worries. You’re in Vegas, baby! We’ve got it all! You can enjoy the flavor behind the celebration because Munich Hofbräu ships the original Oktoberfest Bier to Las Vegas every year for the Oktoberfest celebrations that last for six weeks! You want to party, eat authentic German food, do the chicken dance, sing drinking songs, get a shot and a swat by a Bavarian beauty and prost all night long?

Ja, we got that!

That’s why this Hofbräuhaus in Las Vegas so special.

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