What is a QR Code and How do I use it?

QR is short for Quick Response, a form of digital code that can be scanned by most modern smartphones or tablets.

You’ll see them throughout our printed brewspaper and in out interactive flipbook.

We include them to point you to more extended versions of articles on our website (NevadaBeerQuest.com), sometimes to a video, or an advertiser’s website.

In a perfect world, the use of QR Codes should make things easier. Think of them as a web link without all that cumbersome typing.

We believe that clicking a QR code shouldn’t be a mystery either, so we make every effort to let you know where clicking the QR will take you, or what it’ll do.

Please keep in mind, aside from our site, we have no control of what outside websites might post, or choose to link to, so as with anything on the Internet, please click responsibly ;-)

Another side note… while QR codes are a super-duper fun technology, the creation of Nevada Beer Quest in all its forms (printed, digital, and website) is all done by humans. You could say that we are hand-crafted, just like beer, but with a techy side.

We hope you enjoy our Quick Response interaction. You’ll find it to be a fun way to search the internet and explore your quest for knowledge. The best part, you can do it all with one hand, leaving your other one free for tipping beer. That’s multi-tasking. We like that.

Why is this all good, you ask?

For you, the reader, it gives you a direct link to an article, destination website, promoter, or whatever you decide to click. QR code can also be used to download PDFs, music, and videos. Overall, they’re pretty cool and can do just about anything you ould wish for as you wave your magic smartphone over the code.

For brewers, it makes information more readily available. Some brewers include QR codes on their cans so you can learn about their product and make informed decisions.

– Buzz

• • • • •

Learn more at wikipedia.org/wiki/QR_code

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