Summer is well on its way even though about a month later than usual. It’s perfect summer beer drinking weather, and a heavy dark stout might not come to mind as the thirst-quenching cold glass of ‘go to’ when the temperatures outside are well over a hundred-something.

Summer evokes all sorts of senses; sizzling grilled meals by the pool, jet skiing, dancing the night away. Whatever your extraordinary summer fun looks like to you, your summer choice in beer should be out of the ordinary too.

So what makes for a remarkable summer beer experience that quenches your thirst while packing in for pure summer chillaxation? It’s all about style.

American Pilsner ~

The Czech pilsner has been around for over a century; most predictable being that it is a lager brewed with Pilsner malt. But leave it to the American brewers who have nudged the watery Pils into a more hoppy zing quelled by subtle toasty malts. A stepping stone for many a new craft beer adventurer, finding a delicious pilsner is essential for summer chillin’

Berliner Weisse ~

This gentle lip-puckering, easy drinking wheat ale is brewed these days with fruit which adds a little sweetness to this thirst-quenching elixir. Traditionally, this style of beer is open to a variety of added flavors from fruits to herbs which transforms it into a shandy by adding lemonade, or fruit juices! Best served chilled while relaxing on a lounge chair at the club pool.

Gose ~

If Berliner Weisse is a refreshing day at the club pool, then a Gose (goes-uh) is a trip to the seashore. Like a crisp ocean spray, a Gose is light and refreshing. Brewed with salt and coriander, this German-style low ABV is high in lip-smacking satisfaction and an all-around summertime winner.

New England Style IPA ~

Imagine drinking liquid sunshine on a Sunday. These fragrant, fruit forward, drink and repeat IPA’s remind one of a tropical vacation. Breath in deeply the fruit aromas of the hops, and relax into delicious unfiltered flavor explosions. It’s not about bitterness; it’s about exploiting flavors in hops. Cloudy, unfiltered and dimensional in character – Mimosa – move over!

Farmhouse Ale ~

Wild ales and saisons come to mind with these yeast-driven ales. Historically brewed in Belgian it’s the air which makes these styles diverse and so enjoyably cheeky. From baked bread flavors served on a bed of hay to melon-like musty farmland funk with a hint of freshly picked berries, this tart-style will artfully stimulate your palette and deliver you to a new state of being. Pair these beers with your spontaneous summertime experiences.

Whatever your quest, it’s all about quenching your thirst and enjoying the day.

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