05/18/19 ~ ACES AND ALES 10th Annual STONE DOMINATION ‘Decade Of Dominance.’

Fantastic Beers Featured on All 50 Taps!

Stone Domination at Aces & Ales, Las Vegas

Stone Domination at Aces & Ales, Las Vegas

This beer-inspired heavy-metal beerfest was a blast!

Stone Domination Beer List

We got there early for the special “Stoned Brunch” pre-party 10-2pm breakfast experience (from 10-2 pm) an all-you-can-drink Stone beers & specialty brunch food menu.  We were looking forward to enjoying some outside down-time before what we anticipated to be a busy day, or so we were told by friends who’ve attended in previous years. We were well informed. As the day rolled on, guests poured in, and the place was packed.

We met a lot of great people over the day, including several with great stories from previous years celebrating Stone Domination, and chatter of local beer happenings. One of the things that we love most about the craft beer world (besides the beer) is the community and camaraderie. The people who come to these events connect. As the saying goes, you don’t make great friends over milk (or something like that). In the land of craft beers, rock stars and locals are the same; just people gathered for the love of the brew and great conversation.

All-in-All, an Awesome Event

Choices. Choices. A relaxing morning over breakfast.

This was a true takeover. We often hear  the term takeover thrown around, only to find out that they are featuring five or ten taps out of 24 or 30. Regardless the numbers, usually they are dedicating some, not all, or their taps to an event.

TOTAL DOMINATION – a 50 tap takeover.

But this was different. Aces and Ales has an impressive 50 taps that always feature a great selection of draft beers. Beverage Manager, Mitch Morgan, keeps their taps current with some of Nevada’s best along with Stone Brewing and other fantastic choices. So, for Mitch and the crew at A&A to prepare for STONE DOMINATION, every tap was changed over to Stone beers. That’s a lot of kegs to shuffle and hoses to clean. That’s partly why a true tap takeover is a big deal.

It was especially awesome for the grand-prize winner of the METALLICA guitar, a priceless ‘Enter Night Pilsner’ custom ESP guitar autographed by all the members of METALLICA.

Also awesome, you got to hang out and have a beer with the guys from Stone, including; Greg Koch, Executive Chairman & Co-Founder, Steve WagnerPresident & Co-Founder, Jeremy Moynier, Senior Innovation Brewing Manager, Steve Gonzalez, Senior Manager of Brewing and Innovation, and Kris Ketcham, Stone Liberty Station Brewing Manager.

You’d be smiling too, if you were part of this crew. Cheers!

Of Contests and Winners

Guests of Aces and Ales earned tickets from April 1st through May 18th by buying Stone draft beer, Stone bottles, and Stone growlers. Drawings for all Domination Prizes were hand-picked by Stone Executive Chairman & Co-Founder, Greg Koch, and sufice it to say, they were were pretty cool prizes.

In addition to the custom guitar mentioned earlier, a second prize winner took home a Stone Brewing / Aces & Ales custom wrapped Kegerator equipped with Stone kegs.

And finally, a third-place winner got a Stone Brewing / Aces & Ales custom wrapped Yeti Cooler with Stone beer for a year! Congrats to Vegas local, Chris, for his win.

Special congrats, also, to local brewer Andrew Smith for his win in the Sheldon-Jackson IPA Competition.

The Big Prize

We weren’t there for the prizes, per se. For us, the people and the experience were the prize.

As I mentioned earlier, we met some great folks throughout the day. One of them was Greg Koch from Stone Brewing. Friendly and approachable, we couldn’t help but ask for a quick interview. We took the opportunity to sit down with him for a short chat about beer, Stone Brewing, Metallica inspired “Enter Night” Pilsner, Stone Domination, and lazy beer drinkers. We thought we would shoot a three-or-four-minute video and we went thirteen. Greg had a lot to share and we could have gone another hour but we were both out of beer. In all seriousness, great experience. Thanks, Greg.

You have to ask yourself- am I a lazy beer drinker? (pause…) What was your answer? It’s human nature to gravitate to what we know and what we’re taught. It’s actually the extraordinary human, the unusual person, who goes on their own path and says “I think I know some things, there’s a lot I don’t know, and I want to go on that road of discovery!” That’s the spectrum of the world that we live on, that I personally like to live on, and us as a brewery. That sense of discovery and that willingness to be open really sets some people a part from others.

— Greg Koch

Rocker Keri Kelli

A.D. Cook with rocker Keri Kelli, Owner of Aces and Ales, Las Vegas

Greg went on to say “There are people that say, well I know what I like. I’m sorry this world is pretty big. I’ve been in this industry for 23 years and a beer geek for at least seven or eight years before that, and I have no fricken idea what I like. I’m certain there are things that I have no concept of that I will also love that I’ll discover at some point in the future. That’s part of the joy of it.”

In the end, we all agree, it’s about exploring, developing your pallet, the spice of life, and going deeper, a zen beer quest sorta thing ala rock n’ roll.

Speaking of which, we also caught up with Rocker Keri Kelli, who owns both Aces and Ales locations in Las Vegas, with a third rockin’ spot opening soon (stay tuned for more on that).

Veteran guitarist, Keri has been rocking with the likes of Night Ranger, Alice Cooper, and others since the ’80s and has an impressive career and resume of musical accomplishments.

We’re looking forward to catching up with Keri as a follow up over a great beer soon.

Kelli has founded several bands, including Saints of the Underground, Adler’s Appetite (formerly Suki Jones), New World Idols, Rubber (formerly Blow), Big Bang Babies, and Empire (1987). He has played with other bands includingas Slash’s Snakepit, Skid Row, Vince Neil Band, Ratt, Warrant, L.A. Guns, Pretty Boy Floyd, Dad’s Porno Mag, The Newlydeads, Bulletboys, Love/Hate, Tuff, Tal Bachman, Angel City Outlaws (formerly Phucket), Alice Cooper, Liberty N’ Justice and Night Ranger.
Source: wikipedia.org/wiki/Keri_Kelli

Special congrats to SNAFU member and homebrewer Andrew Smith, winner of this year’s Sheldon-Jackson IPA Competition, shared some of his winning American IPA favoring a Northeast Hazy side with Amarillo and Citra hops.

Aces and Ales, Las Vegas

Also, worthy of mention, SNAFU (Southern Nevada Ale Fermentors Union) is celebrating 30 years. A lot of talented brewers are, or have been, members of this long-standing organization of passionate beer enthusiasts and brewers alike.

The previous weekend SNAFU had a pre-competition at Aces and Ales, and narrowed down 21 entries to the top six finalists, all Las Vegas SNAFU homebrewers. The top six finalists are Jason Coleman, Al Balastar, Shaun Laughlin, Scott Stags, Andrew Smith and Rob Garett.

That must have been a fierce competition to judge. So, today was the big day for the winner of this year’s IPA Homebrew competition!

This is Stone Domination’s tenth anniversary and SNAFU’s 30th anniversary as a homebrew club, so one of these top 6 finalists will be chosen to get to brew their winning beer – tasted here today – in Escondido at the brewery. It will be distributed from there. They will make a big batch and have it on tap here at Aces and Ales.

— Kim, SNAFU, competition organizer

Greg Koch, Beti Kristof, and Keri Kelli. Cheers all!

In closing, if you love craft beers and haven’t been to Aces and Ales, you owe youself a visit. Event or no event, they always have a friendly and knowledgeable staff, great beers, and a fantastic food menu. Mitch, their resident craft beer expert is also a contributor to Nevada Beer Quest with his fun and educational Beer Smarts video series.

• • • • •

2801 N. Tenaya Way, Las Vegas, NV 89128

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