Nevada Beer Quest‘s ad policies are pretty straightforward when it comes to what you can and can’t advertise. For example, no sex, drugs, or rock and roll (okay, rock is fine, but no sex or drugs).

Here are the products and services you can never advertise on Nevada Beer Quest. However, there are a number of exceptions you should be aware of.

Weapons, Ammunition, Explosives

No guns, bullets, or bombs allowed. Basically, you can’t sell anything that is intended to hurt other people. That being said, you can advertise blogs, groups, or websites about weapons, as long as they’re not specifically selling them.

Unsafe Supplements

What counts as an “unsafe supplement” is totally up to Nevada Beer Quest. According to our ad guidelines, this includes but is not limited to the following: anabolic steroids, chitosan, comfrey, dehydroepiandrosterone, ephedra, and human growth hormones.

“Adult” Products and Services

No sex toys, dirty magazines, or “adult dating services”. Anything sex-related is pretty much a no-go unless it’s an ad for contraception or family planning.
If you’re advertising any form of birth control, make sure you exclusively target users over the age of 21 and focus only on the contraceptive aspects of the product.


Cryptocurrency ads are frequently associated with misleading or deceptive promotional practices.

Surveillance Equipment

This includes “spy cams, mobile phone trackers or other hidden surveillance equipment”. Pretty much anything you could use to spy on others is totally forbidden.

Payday Loans

Payday loans, paycheck advances, or any other kind of high-interest, short-term loan intended to cover expenses between paydays are strictly forbidden on NBQ. These types of loans are frequently accused of taking advantage of people with lower incomes.

Multilevel Marketing Schemes

If your ad is offering people ways to “get rich quick” or comes across as a pyramid scheme, it’s going to be rejected. To make sure your business isn’t incorrectly classified as a multilevel marketing scheme, you need to fully describe your business model in the ad.

Penny Auctions

Ads for penny auctions and bidding fee auctions where people pay a small fee to “buy a bid” on an item are banned. This is because they are considered similar to online gambling and can be fraudulent.

Tobacco or Tobacco-related Products

You can’t sell tobacco products on Nevada Beer Quest, which includes the following:

Tobacco or tobacco-related products, including cigarettes, cigars, chewing tobacco, tobacco pipes, hookahs, hookah lounges, rolling papers, vaporized delivery devices and electronic cigarettes.

There are two exceptions to keep in mind, though. First, anti-smoking ad campaigns are fine. Second, blogs, groups, or websites that connect people with tobacco-related interests are alright as long as they don’t directly sell tobacco products or paraphernalia.

Anti-smoking campaigns are allowed on Nevada Beer Quest, but any other depiction of tobacco use is not.


Nevada Beer Quest bans all ads depicting or selling drugs, even if they’re technically legal. So don’t try to sell prescription medication on Nevada Beer Quest.

Illegal Drugs or Drug-related Products

Any recreational or illegal drugs are strictly forbidden from Nevada Beer Quest ads, and so are images or videos that depict their use. The one exception is ads for drug rehab programs and support groups.

Counterfeit Documents

You can’t advertise illegal fakes of official documents on Nevada Beer Quest. You’d think that it would go without saying, but they don’t like it when you try to sell false passports, immigration papers, government IDs, or university degrees on their platform

Spyware or Malware

You can’t include spam, viruses, or harmful software in your ads, of course. You also can’t link to sites that contain spyware or malware.

Anything Illegal, Obviously

If the previous examples didn’t make it clear, you can’t advertise anything illegal on Nevada Beer Quest, period.

Looking to hire an Ocean’s Eleven-style team for your next heist? Sorry, buddy, you’re out of luck.

That about covers all the products and services prohibited by Nevada Beer Quest ad policy. But there are quite a few things that are only allowed under certain conditions.

That’s right, your ads could also be rejected because…

You’re advertising something restricted

Here’s the deal: you won’t always have your ads rejected for trying to sell restricted products or services. That being said, only certain advertisers can promote this stuff, and often only in certain locations to adult consumers with prior written permission from Nevada Beer Quest.

This is the definitive list of ads that are only allowed on Nevada Beer Quest after meeting a set of requirements (and what those requirements are):


This is a big one. Nevada Beer Quest is all about craft beers and we love a good beer ad as much as the next person, but if you’re selling booze then your ads need to comply with the local laws for the state you’re targeting.

Additionally, you must be legal to sell alcohol to advertise it.

If alcohol is illegal in any of the states you target, your ad is going right in the digital trash bin. Likewise, all users targeted must be 21 or older.

Dating Services

You can promote an online dating service on Nevada Beer Quest as long as you meet a set of standards. First, you can’t encourage cheating—you can only target people whose relationship status is “Single” or “Unspecified”. Second, you must either target “Men” or “Women”. Third, you can only target adults 21 and older.

Also, keep your ads “PG”—any sexual content (implied or explicit) is not allowed, and you’re definitely not allowed to advertise mail-order brides/husbands.

Real-money Gambling

Dreaming of becoming a casino mogul through Nevada Beer Quest advertising? You’ll need written permission from Nevada Beer Quest’s ad review team first, and you’re only allowed to target users over 21 in locations where gambling is legal.

State Lotteries

Ads for state lotteries are okay, but you’ll need to only target people within the state the lottery is in and comply with any local laws.

Online Pharmacies

Ads for pharmacies are not allowed.


If Nevada Beer Quest doesn’t think your supplement is potentially dangerous (see “Unsafe supplements” above), you can advertise it exclusively to adults 21 years old or older.

Subscription Services

Promoting anything that involves a subscription? Ads for subscription services, or that promote products or services that include negative options, automatic renewal, free-to-pay conversion billing products, or mobile marketing are subject to our subscription services approval.

Financial Services

Are you in the finance game? All good, but to advertise your services you need to be careful about your landing page. No directly asking for people’s credit card or financial information, and you’ll need to be clear about any fees involved in your service right away.

Branded Content

Nevada Beer Quest considers influencer marketing or any brand partnership with a content producer to be branded content. Branded content posts are totally cool with Nevada Beer Quest, but you’ll need to tag your product, brand, or business explicitly in the ad using their branded content tool.

Student Loan Services

This is pretty easy to grasp: only target users over 21 and don’t say anything deceptive, misleading, or fraudulent in your ad or your landing page.

Political or Religious Advertising

Political and religious ads are a hot-button issue on Nevada Beer Quest. We will not accept any political or religious ads.

That covers all the restricted ad types. If your Nevada Beer Quest ad is still not approved, it could be due to the fact that…

You’re not following community standards

Okay, so you’re advertising something harmless that wasn’t even mentioned above, but the Nevada Beer Quest ad review team is not having it with you.You may not be compatible with Nevada Beer Quest’s community standards.

Violence and Criminal Behavior

If your ad involves a real, credible threat, you will be banned. If it encourages murder, organized hate, terrorist activity, human trafficking, or any kind of criminal activity, you will be banned. If it publicizes violent crime, you will be banned. If it helps coordinate real-world violence, you will be banned.

Also, why would you do any of that stuff anyway?


Any ads that encourage suicide or self-injury will be rejected, anything involving sexual exploitation will be rejected, any bullying or harassment with be rejected, and any content that spreads someone’s private or confidential information without their permission will be rejected.

Objectionable Content

Any ads that promote hate or discrimination will be denied, ads showing graphic violence will be denied, ads with nudity or sexual activity will be denied, and ads that target victims of serious physical or emotional harm will also be denied (of course).

Integrity and Authenticity

Nevada Beer Quest’s ad review team will reject any content it views as spam, including anything false or misleading or which gives a bad ad experience to users. They will also reject any paid or organic content promoting fake news stories.

Intellectual Property

If your ad violates any existing copyrights, trademarks, or other intellectual property rights, it will not be approved. Here are the specifics on what counts as an IP violation.

If you don’t meet even one of these community standards, your ad won’t get very far. If you’ve read these backward and forward and you’re still not getting your ads approved, there’s a high probability that it’s because…

You’ve made a mistake with your ad creative

You’re following all the community guidelines, you’re not advertising anything prohibited, restricted, or even controversial…so why is your Nevada Beer Quest ad still being denied?

There are quite a few rules you need to follow when crafting your ad creatives to comply with Nevada Beer Quest’s policies. If you mess up on just one, it could be the reason your ad was rejected.

Here’s a quick run-through on the most common mistakes Nevada Beer Quest advertisers make with their creatives:

Having too much text in your ad image.

Nevada Beer Quest ad guidelines in a nutshell

Alright, we know that was a lot of information—but we hope it helps.

Whether you like it or not, you have to play by the rules when it comes to advertising on Nevada Beer Quest. A few minor violations could cost you valuable time by getting your ad rejected.

Larger violations could even get your ad account banned—so better safe than sorry, right?

At the end of the day, following these guidelines will get your ads approved faster and help you build trust with Nevada Beer Quest.

• • • • •

No shoes, no shirt, no service. Nevada Beer Quest reserves the right to deny any ad for any reason.