Small but Mighty

Craft Brewer, John “Griff” Griffith II

That’s John “Griff” Griffith’s motto. It’s fitting, too. Griff is soon opening Mojave Brewing Co. He’s a small passionate brewer of fine craft beers, but in the opening of Nevada’s next up-and-coming brewery, he is bound to be nothing short of mighty.

But until the brewery’s opening, we, like you, have to be patient (or tap into his personal stash).

While we’re waiting for Mojave’s opening, we’re sharing a sneak peek of what is soon to come. We’re especially excited to unveil the all-new Mojave Brewing website where you can learn more about the brewery, the beer, and Griff’s story.

While the brewery’s actual opening date is still a few weeks away, their website is brand spanking new and now live! Note — in full disclosure, I (A.D. aka Nevada Beer Quest’s “Ambassador of Buzz”created the website for them, so I’m a bit biased of sorts, but the content, the beer, the stuff that really matters… the stuff that makes Mojave mighty – that’s all Griff.

So, as websites go, I was especially excited to design this one. That’s because as a passionate beer lover, I am a fan of Griff’s beers. I have been since my first sip when I met him at a SNAFU* member’s meeting last year. We know you’ll be a fan too, once you discover Mojave beers.

What’s On Tap on The New Site

Mojave Brewing’s new site features…

  • BEER page where you can see what’s on tap including their American lager, American IPA, Pepper Beer, Brown Porter, Belgian Tripel, and more.
  • Read their STORY to see how it all began.
  • Visit their NEWS page for updates.
  • SHOP with them for logo t-shirts and openers.

The Founders Club

If you’d like to support Mojave Brewing in their launch, check out their Founders Club and see how you can make history in Henderson. We say “Cheers to that!

“From Mojave Brewing Company’s inception, we knew that we would have a Founders Club. The idea started as a hope that we would have a community of beer lovers, homebrewers, business people, and dedicated locals that would be interested and excited enough to support our brewery from the start.”

— Griff

Griff says, “Even before we opened our doors the money that we generate through this club is literally being used to build our business. Specifically? Kegs. We will use the money generated to buy the steel kegs we need to distribute our beer throughout the valley. As a founder, you will truly be able to tell people that you helped Mojave Brewing open.” There are also other benefits to being a Founder, so be sure to visit their website for details.

Mojave Brewing is only accepting one hundred interested people into the Founders Mug Club and one hundred members into the Founders Club to support their new brewery. All are welcome, but the members list is filling up quickly!

If you’ve enjoyed his beers you may already know that Griff has been brewing since 1992. For nearly three decades, he’s worked consistently to improve his skills and he’s won numerous local and national awards for his beers. Griff shares that he has been focused for the last five years to get his brewery launched. We could not be more excited.

Looking Forward

We’re told that Mojave Brewing will open in a few weeks with 20 taps [12 with their beers & ciders, plus eight guest taps] with plenty of seating, both inside and out. We’ll keep you informed when we know more.

Cheers to your success, Mojave Brewing!

Visit them online at

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