Mitch Morgan loves beer! As a certified cicerone, he knows things about beer – things we know not.

Mitch Morgan, CiceroneWe’re especially excited to introduce Mitch as our new guru of beer (my words, not his). I will tell you though, that we learned more about beer in one hour of shooting videos with him while chatting about our favorite elixir and enjoying a couple of fine craft brews.

Mitch’s new video series, all part of our BEER SMARTS category, will school you up quick.  He’s sharing what he knows about beer. As the craft beer manager at Aces and Ales in Las Vegas, he works with fantastic local craft beers every day. Nice work if you can get it :-)

He’s worked plenty hard for it though. Becoming a Certified Cicerone is hard work, and takes, well, a bit of smarts — beer smarts.

Mitch Morgan, Beverage Manager at Aces and Ales and Certiified Cicerone shares common beer misconceptions with us.

Tap into his videos and articles here.

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Special thanks to Aces and Ales for the use of their VIP room for our video series.

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