Today I’m going to talk to you about the proper way to taste beer. So many people just grab a beer, look at it, and slam it down, and don’t get the full effect of that beer. There are so many different aromas, textures, everything about a beer, and they all play into the beer experience.

So when you grab a beer, the first thing you are going to notice is the color, which is the most deceiving part of a beer. Right here, I have a West Coast IPA from Joseph James, called Hoperator.

Obviously, you’re going to notice the color. Its a very clear beer, white head and it’s going to be deceiving because just by looking at it you wouldn’t know what style of beer you are drinking. You’re just going to see a clear beer, it could be a Pilsner, could be a light Lager, it could be a Blonde Ale.

Next, we are going into the aroma.

Really important especially with IPA’s and aromatic beers to smell it to find out what kind of aromatic characters it has. That’s where a lot of your hop flavors come from. Your hops are going to be very important once your aromatics which is also very important is to why I am drinking out of this glass. This is a goblet glass. which curves in slightly which forces all the aromatics towards your nose when you smell it.

Now you’re going to get your initial flavor profile. This is where you’re going to get a lot of your malt characteristics. The malt characteristics are going to give you sweet notes, it’s going to give you biscuity flavors, it’s going to give you all those hop flavors that are very important that you derive. It’s going to also give the yeast the food it needs to make the actual alcohol in your beer. So malt characteristic is a very important part and it’s going to dictate whether you have a sweet or a dry beer.

Once you swallow your beer it’s very important to exhale before opening your mouth, because that is where you get your retro-nasal flavors. We were talking earlier about aromatics. That’s where a lot of your aromatic flavors are going to come from. Especially in an IPA, which is one of the most popular styles of beer. You are going to get a lot of additional flavors, you’re going to get your citrus notes, your piney notes, you’re going to get your resin flavors, your dankness, all of those flavor components that people describe their IPAs with, that is where it comes from – your exhale.

This is a damn good beer.

• • • • •

Special thanks to Aces and Ales for the use of their VIP room for our video shoots.

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