How can I help support Nevada Beer Quest?2019-10-29T18:50:02-07:00

We love spreading the word about Nevada’s great craft beers and the fun places to enjoy them. It’s a big job so we need and appreciate your help.

There are a few ways you can help.

  1. Visit NevadaBeerQuest.com often. Ya, clicks matter in this crazy Internet world, so every time you visit a page, you are supporting Nevada’s craft brewers and our advertisers.

  2. Like and follow us on our social channels – Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter

  3. Socially share our posts and stories with your friends and followers through your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other  social medias.

  4. If you’re a business, advertise with Nevada Beer Quest. Rotating digital banner ads start at only $20/month.

Thanks for your support.

How can I advertise in Nevada Beer Quest?2019-10-29T18:54:28-07:00

Advertising with Nevada Beer Quest is easy.

We currently offer three digital banners ad sizes: 468×60, 300×250, and 300×600 pixels

Details can be found on our ADVERTISE WITH US page or you can PLACE YOUR AD directly if you already know what size you’d like.

Do you only feature articles about Nevada brewers?2019-10-29T18:52:55-07:00

While we endeavor to focus and share Nevada craft brewers, tap rooms, and great beer destinations, we also feature stories that are related, like out-of-state brewers whose beers are available in Nevada.

Nevada Beer Quest also features stories about the people who make great beers happen, namely brewers, servers, and industry insiders.

As artists, we also support the arts by sharing artists who not only create great art and music, but are often passionate about craft beers.

Can I place multiple ads?2019-10-29T18:25:47-07:00

Although each ad size is limited to about 100 each, anyone can purchase as many of the 100 as they like.

Likewise, if you want your ad to double up (to be shown twice as often as others), simple run the same ad twice.

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Where can I get a printed copy?2019-10-29T19:04:35-07:00
How can I get a link from NBQ to my website?2019-10-29T18:52:12-07:00

There are 3 way to get linked from the NBQ website:

1) Advertise with Us

2) Trade Links with NBQ

3) Contribute an Article

Click here for our LINKS page.

What if I need help designing my ad?2019-10-29T18:53:25-07:00

Need Help With Your Design?


Let us do it for you. We have extensive experience in design for the Internet.

We can create your ad, often faster and more cost effective than you might think.

Visit our DESIGN SERVICES page for details.

Can non-beer businesses advertise on NBQ?2019-10-29T18:58:52-07:00

Certainly, we welcome all advertisers to NBQ so long as they align with our readers and don’t violate our guidelines for acceptable/non-acceptable ads.

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How can I submit a story or article?2019-10-29T18:57:51-07:00

Nevada Beer Quest is a community project and seeks the participation of talented and knowledgeable individuals. If you are interested in providing news briefs or photographs, or in writing features or commentary, please contact us with pitches and/or portfolios on our contact page.

How many copies do you print?2019-10-29T18:56:16-07:00

NEVADA BEER QUEST currently not in print.

Editions 001 and 002 featured 16 full-color pages with a print run of 5,000 copies each.

Printed editions are on hold as we continue to enhance online content and value for our readers.

For more, read NevadaBeerQuest.com/to-print-or-not-to-print

Nevada Beer Quest

How much is a printed copy?2019-10-29T19:04:05-07:00

Although priceless, printed copies are 100% FREE.

Follow this link to get your copy.

What is Alexa rank and why do I care?2019-10-29T18:23:14-07:00

Alexa rank is a measure of website popularity. It ranks millions of websites in order of popularity, with an Alexa Rank of 1 being the most popular. Alexa rank is calculated using a proprietary methodology that combines a site’s estimated traffic and visitor engagement over the past three months. (source: Alexa)

What this means to you is, as a NBQ visitor you know that you are getting valuable original content, and as we serve more  measurable traffic to our site, we can create more awareness for our local community and advertisers, too.

For us, a great Alexa rank is a direct reflection of our efforts to bring you quality content in the best way we can. And for you returned visits, we thank you.

How do I upload my ad to NBQ?2019-10-29T18:53:56-07:00

After completing your payment, visit our AD UPLOAD page and follow the four easy steps. We’ll do the rest. For best results, remember to make your digital  banner ads at exact size as ordered.

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