On Sept. 19, I attended a preview of CraftHaus Brewery’s new taproom, located in the heart of the Arts District at 197 E. California St., just steps from Casino Center Dr. I was delighted to find the full gamut of brews flowing from the taps, including many of my favorites and some new finds, such as Avo Toast Imperial Red Ale; Comrade Imperial Stout; A Ganar, A Ganar Belgian Brown Ale; Grande Evocation Saison; and Khoury’s Neighborhood CoffeeHaus/Vesta Golden Ale, enlivened with cold brew coffee from their neighbor, Vesta Coffee Roasters, which is located on Casino Center just around the corner.

Wyndee and Dave Forrest

Wall mural by artist Donovan Fitzgerald

If you thought the décor of this second CraftHaus location would be an exact replica of the brewery, think again. While some aspects are repeated and celebrated, such as the cuckoo clock theme and lime green color scheme, there are some unique differences. Co-owner Dave Forrest related that being in the Arts District, it was fitting that a local artist was brought in to contribute to the décor, which was Donovan Fitzgerald, who painted a beautiful mural of a Vegas showgirl. Other differences are a larger space, with 1,800 square feet; the addition of a crowler machine (a device that pours draft beer into and seals in a can for you to take home); an increased number of taps, with 24 at this location; and outlets and USB ports located every few feet under the bar to charge your phone with. Speaking of your phone, another extremely important convenience is the ability to call acclaimed Chef James Trees’ Esther’s Kitchen across the street, order off the menu and have it delivered to your seat in the taproom. Esther’s is also providing five menu items that you can only obtain at CraftHaus: a meatball/polenta corndog, pork slider and three pizzas: a vegan, a margherita and a meat-centric pie. Last, but not least, yet another enhancement is the addition of Ricky Lewis as the manager, whom many know and appreciate from his time managing Pizza Rock.

This new CraftHaus taproom is open daily from 11 a.m. and offers a shorter commute for those who don’t reside in Henderson and an opportunity to try even more of the brewery’s varied beer styles.

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CraftHaus Arts District “Chad”

197 E. California St. #130

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