We love art. And it’s no secret that we also love beer. For us, creative time in the studio and great craft brew go together like Las Vegas and neon, rock n’ roll, fast cars and the color red.

Nevada is home to some amazing award-winning premier craft beer brewers. And when you consider all the great places to enjoy those beers, Las Vegas is in a world of its own.

Go north and you have Tonapah, Reno/Sparks, and Tahoe — all great places to experience a beautifully crafted brew.

Great beer brings people together. We see that everywhere. People enjoy connecting with one another over a beer.

Nevada is also rich in art and aesthetics. There is no shortage of interesting things to see, from neon signs, architecture, events, and powerful performances, all making for visually memorable moments.

Some artists paint, some make music, and others sculpt. Some brew masterful beers.

It’s all about the art. The art of connection, passion, and creative energy exchanges.

Our quest is one of search and discovery of great craft beer and creative expression.

That’s what Nevada Beer Quest is all about. Art, beer, and connecting people.

TheBrewCard combines great craft beer brands and awesome destination experiences into the perfect gift for any occasion.

TheBrewCard.com website features more than artists; they are friends and respected colleagues.

Featured artists include A.D. Cook, Beti Kristof, Jerry Blank, Kenny Youngblood, Raphael Schnepf, and Terry Ritter, with six paintings each.

Each brings a unique style and expression to digital gift cards. You can gift any one of dozens of beautiful artworks featuring these artists works for any occasion.

TheBrewCard™gift cards are digital fine art greeting cards with the added bonus that they’re redeemable for a real craft beer experience.

Fine art and craft beer, together at last.

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