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A.D. Cook


Beer and I go way back.  I remember when I was about 16, my dad, handing me a truly crappy warm can of beer on a hot summer day, telling me to “drink this.” He hoped (I believe) that I would think beer a terrible thing. Even though that beer was, well, pretty bad, I still enjoyed it as one of the very few I ever shared with him.

That was a long time ago, and maybe in some ways what was accepted of beer was less. Beer was beer, and that was good enough.

But I had already experienced beer with friends, so I knew it was better than warm piss on a hot summer day.

Decades later, we have thousands of brewers making great craft beer, coast-to-coast. And it’s a beautiful thing because creating great craft beer has become an art.

Today’s beer is about passion, vision, commitment, and community. In many ways, it’s very much like the world of art and design in the sense that you are always striving for improvement.

That how design is for me. I’ve been creating for print since the early 1980s and for online since 1995 (yikes!). Creating Nevada Beer Quest is a natural progression for me to creatively share and celebrate another creative community – brewers. Throughout the site, and in our printed publication, you’ll discover lots of fun ways that art, design, and beer come together.

Like brewers, I take a “hands-on” approach to everything we do in the creation of our new publication. I hope you enjoy it and visit often.


A.D., Ambassador of Buzz

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Level 1: Certified Beer Server

Currently serving as Vice President of Southern Nevada Ale Fermentors Union (SNAFU)

Favorite Beers: Belgian Tripels, German Witbiers, Dark Stouts, and most-anything “coffee-inspired” or “barrel-aged“.

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Nevada Beer Experience


A.D. Cook & Beti Kristof

A.D. Cook ~ “Buzz”

Bob Barnes

A.D. Cook

Beti Kristof ~ “BK”

Bob Barnes

Steve Berg

Mitch Morgan

Stacey Powells

A.D. Cook

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Beti Kristof


What seems not so long ago, I successfully homebrewed when craft brewing started to trend. The first craft brewers like; Sierra Nevada, Deschutes, Anchor Brewing Company, were right there in the forefront. Oktoberfests, Märzens, and ales, also spoke to me from my travels and there was a time I sampled over 280 beer from all over the world earning a pewter mug with my name on it. Prost!

I have always cooked with beer. Some people thought that pouring beer in a cooking pot might be sacrilegious. Since I always have a bottle of beer in my fridge, a splash here and there adds a special something to a pork dish, or a goulash, chicken paprikas, salad dressing. Most anything I prepared had an added ‘special secret splash,’ with beer bread still being a family favorite.

When I started experimenting making beer bratwurst and Hungarian kolbasz, an unexpected turn of events occurred. Beer became the focal point.

The fine art of craft beer intrigued me as a cook, a writer, an artist and a creative always seeking more. Therefore, speaking creatively, the beer world has the incredible potential of variety and possibility. Beer brewing and the art of layering characteristics, creating undertones, highlighting flavors, learning to master the craft through patience, practice, trial, and error is all very similar to life and everything worth doing well. Like art, the inspiration is in the creation, and the mastery is in the replication.

We live in a world rich in beer choices, and the quest to experience it all led us here. We want to celebrate this and present beers’ colorful palette through sharing our passions.

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Level 1: Certified Beer Server

Co-Author of STILL STANDING by Larry Wayne Pfaff

Favorite Beers: Belgian Tripels and Quads. Stouts, the more robust, the better. Fruit-inspired beers. Intrigued by Hazy IPA’s.

Bob Barnes


As always, great beer happens in Nevada!

Bob Barnes is a native Las Vegan, editorial director of The Las Vegas Food & Beverage Professional, regional correspondent for Celebrator Beer News and covers the LV restaurant scene for He welcomes your inquiries and can be reached via email at

Steve Berg


With 30 years of homebrewing under my belt, I’ve done just about everything that craft beer has to offer. From growing my own hops, culturing stains of yeast and succeeding at cloning the greatest beers from all over the world. I’ve learned a novel’s worth about making beer. As a homebrew store owner for the last 10 years, the pleasure of the craft hobby is shared daily with my customers. Even better, they bring me their work to taste and critique. Nevertheless, I still enjoy learning the latest nuggets of wisdom and educating the great people that shop at my store. My contributions here are just an extension of my beloved career.

• • • • •

Steve Berg is the owner and operator of Vegas Homebrew since 2008, in Las Vegas, NV.

Amanda Koeller


Amanda Koeller is a professional brewer and has been the Lead Brewer for Big Dog’s Brewing Company in Las Vegas since 2015. She works in all areas of the brewing process and manages the brew schedule and production efficiency. Amanda has earned a Bachelor of Science in Hotel Administration, major of focus Hospitality Management from the University of Nevada Las Vegas, and has completed the Master Brewers Program as well as earning the Professional Brewers Certificate from the University of California, Davis. While at UCDavis she studied under world renowned industry leaders, Dr. Michael J. Lewis and Charlie Bamforth. She is a member of the Institute of Brewing & Distilling, The Brewers Association, and is the Las Vegas Chapter Leader of the Pink Boots Society. She is currently working to expand local awareness of the Pink Boots Society and raise money for the non-profit to supply educational scholarships for its members to advance their careers in the beer industry.

Mitch Morgan


Mitch is a Certified Cicerone and craft beverage manager for Aces and Ales in Las Vegas, Nevada. A degree in Biochemistry from Utah State University, Mitch is the food and beer manager with responsibilities that include; Thursday night beer and food pairing program, beer tastings, draft maintenance, beer lists, and procuring new craft-beers.

Jerry Blank


Las Vegas Artist Jerry Blank’s paintings express admiration and appreciation for his subject matter. With bold strokes, vivid color and dynamic design, Blank’s canvases are vibrant, captivating and inspiring.

Jerry’s painting journey began in Paris in 2000, officially transforming a thirty year career as a graphic designer in the San Francisco Bay Area into a fine artist. Jerry spent 2000 in Paris, painting, traveling and soaking up European culture. Jerry has honed his impressionistic painting style to express the intrinsic grandeur that our world give us. His appreciation for great talents in music, sports, entertainment, nature and man-made places are expressed as “Tributes to Spendiferous” on canvas. “Capturing and expressing beauty on canvas is my quest.” JB. The journey continues…

Darryl Mickens


Darryl is the founder of A Puff A Minute LLC. Apuffaminute adheres to the premise that cigar smoking is a luxurious pastime and should be savored and never rushed. Each time a consumer lights a cigar there should be a shift in mindset from the daily grind to that of a mini vacation. So we advocate for never surpassing the smoking rate of a puff per minute.

Stacey Powells


Stacey Powells is a journalist for the Mammoth Times newspaper and freelance writer. Her work has appeared in “Islands Magazine,” “Divulge,” “Eastern Sierra Wedding Guide,” “Film and Television Music Guide” and many other periodicals. Her play “Stirrups” was a 2016 NY Theater Festival selection and she has just completed her first YA novel. Stacey has loved many beer drinkers in her life and is the consummate designated driver when necessary.