We’re coming straight atcha from viva Las Vegas, and we couldn’t be more excited!

Why?” you ask. Because we love beer and we love Las Vegas! And, we love sharing. By now, you’re probably thinking… “That’s a whole lotta love.” And you’d be right.

The Nevada craft brew scene is growing like wildfire. There are several amazing beer brewers serving up awesome beers, with new brewers and taprooms opening up all across the state.

As you’d expect, Las Vegas is famous for, and synonymous with, 24/7 fun, and well, beer is fun.

Our mission here is to share the best of Nevada craft beers straight from the source, along with places where you can select from hundreds of great beers from bottle or tap. Many of those places feature a great food menu as well.

In Las Vegas, people gamble on pretty much everything, but there’s no reason to roll dice with your beer. Save that for the tables.

We hope you enjoy our premier issue. Stick around and let us know how we’re doing. As a community-driven publication, your feedback matters.

— A.D. “Buzz”

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