Las Vegas Artist Jerry Blank and I got together recently for breakfast and beer. Anywhere else that might sound unusual, but Vegas is a 24-hour town, so bacon and beers aren’t all that uncommon. Breakfast, lunch, dinner – it’s pretty much all the same, and cheers to that!

We met up at Hi Scores Bar-Arcade, 4785 Blue Diamond Rd., an excellent place for breakfast and a beer. Their full menu includes whatever you want whenever you want, but both Jerry and I were in a breakfast moody anyway. Already several hours into my day, this was a late breakfast for me, I couldn’t resist a cold draft nitro shout to compliment my carnivore omelet platter.

Yellowstone Sunrise by Jerry Blank

Yellowstone Sunrise by Jerry Blank

Jerry’s breakfast choice could not have been more opposite and was probably a healthier choice at the table. His beer of choice; a black & tan for its body and flavor.

Ironically, Hi Scores is a bit of black & tan as well; The Hi Scores Bar-Arcade is more like two tap rooms rolled into one building. Enter on the north, and you are in their lounge, enter on the west side, and you’re in their brightly lit arcade. Both sides have a great beer selection and excellent food. Jerry and I met on the dark side, well, at least the walls are dark.

Welcome to Vegas by Jerry Blank

For anyone unfamiliar with Jerry’s work, he’s an impressionist artist who is continually evolving as a painter. A Las Vegas local since 2001, he’s been active in the art scene for years. I first met Jerry in 2006 when he had his art gallery in Green Valley Ranch. I’ve been of fan of his work and style ever since.

These days he paints in the studio, and is more prolific than ever, creating large colorful paintings while enjoying some Miles Davis jazz or something from Coltrane. He shared that he recently did a tour of 29 cruises as a featured artist, showcasing his art on the high seas. All that and he still made time to create a book about southern Nevada.

A renaissance kind of guy, Jerry is a veteran graphic designer, who, in a previous life, had a successful design firm in the bay area for 35 years.

Backroads of Southern Nevada by Jerry Blank

In Jerry’s book, The Backroads of Southern Nevada, he visited and illustrated obscure destinations around Southern Nevada that he visited, sketched in pen & ink and watercolor, and also wrote about. He shared with us that he enjoyed a beer or two along the way. Jerry says “There’s much to be found in the desert: man’s mark on the landscape, remnants of people and events past, and life thriving today.” Jerry shared that he found the area fascinating and intriguing, but he’s sure there are many significant “funky” spots that he missed on his path of discovery. Learn more about Jerry’s new book at

Jerry Blank on theBrewCard

In closing, it’s always great to catch up with Jerry, an artist with a real connection to Nevada and art. I’m already looking forward to sharing stories of art over a great beer.


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