Serendipity? Perhaps, but this documentary about beer couldn’t have been more perfectly timed.

BEERS OF JOY is a film about the world’s most magical elixir. It was just released March 2019 and caught my eye after writing the above article; So, You Want To Be A Cicerone. I put everything on hold, sat down with a delightful elixir myself, and tuned-in to a superbly created educational documentary; A love story all about romancing the brew.

The movie followed an acclaimed brewer and a highly noted chef, and two Advanced Cicerones on their quests to achieve Master Cicerone status.

Elegant and visually stunning, this documentary is masterfully composed as the viewer is taken on a journey with each in pursuit of their vocation. It’s truly an inspired movie for those who are curious to gain knowledge of the many aspects of beer, its history, and allure.

118 minutes

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