When it comes to beer, Nevada is still an up-and-comer compared to many parts of the United States. We mean that only in regards to volume because the quality of the beer itself is fantastic!

What is especially awesome are the people in the beer industry. From brewers to servers, from distributors to drivers, from bloggers to writers, there an overwhelming level of community from within the world of craft beers in Nevada.

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That is true of the local food and beverage media as well. Take BEER ALIEN for example. One evening we were out sharing copies of NEVADA BEER QUEST and enjoying a beer at Pub 365 for a Joseph James unveiling and we meet Terry, a smiling guy sporting a dark shirt with an alien beer mug. It was by mere chance that we met, but Vegas is, as we’re told, the land of chance, and yes, aliens too 🙂

A little something from Terry, from his website…

While vacationing in the Milky Way galaxy, the Beer Aliens crash landed on Earth near San Diego, CA. After a somewhat perplexing intelligence gathering mission concerning Earth’s inhabitants, the Beer Aliens were relieved to discover their new-found home planet was full of places that make the only sustenance they required – BEER.

Now the Beer Aliens are on a new mission…To Taste Earth’s Beer…One Brewery At A Time.

Vidsit Beer Alien

‘IwlIj jachjaj HIq nov. until ghom maH jatlhqa’.

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