About Steve Berg

With 30 years of homebrewing under my belt, I’ve done just about everything that craft beer has to offer. From growing my own hops, culturing stains of yeast and succeeding at cloning the greatest beers from all over the world. I’ve learned a novel’s worth about making beer. As a homebrew store owner for the last 10 years, the pleasure of the craft hobby is shared daily with my customers. Even better, they bring me their work to taste and critique. Nevertheless, I still enjoy learning the latest nuggets of wisdom and educating the great people that shop at my store. My contributions here are just an extension of my beloved career. Steve Berg is the owner and operator of Vegas Homebrew since 2008, in Las Vegas, NV.

Barley Makes Beer

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Barley is one of the most common grains in the world. Its’ cultivation has been the driving force behind early settlements of ancient societies. Besides bread and feed for livestock, barley is a critical component [...]