About Beti Kristof

A lifelong writer of musings (way before 'blog' became a thing), Beti is an Author, Ghostwriter, Graphic Designer, SEO qualified, and lifestyle blogger. Did I say professional oil painter for over 40 years and co-creator of Dream To Launch? As an observer of life and a doer of many things (some she'll admit to, others she has chosen to forget), she is also a proud mother of three. All of whom are deeply ingrained lovers of nature and accomplished individuals in their own right. Did I mention we all love a great beer and since we can’t toast all together in one state - we hold up a glass in cheer across five!

Drink Up, Bitches

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Teenanigans' Shenanigans Together, Arlene and Ryan have created a niche in the tee-shirt apparel and custom design industry by combining years of experience in retail fashion, with their passion for beer. It just makes sense. [...]

Wee Heavy

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Served in smaller "wee" portions often in a beer snifter, Scotch Ales can range from 6.5% to 10% ABV. "Wee" heavy refers to the higher alcohol content than a reference to Scottish frugality. A Wee [...]

Green in NV

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Ever wonder where the tradition of green beer came from? The tradition of green beer likely started with clover in one’s drink and drinking it down for good luck. A four leaf clover is a [...]